Webcomics We Recommend

Below is a list of comics we follow and recommend reading if you haven’t already. They range from light slice-of-life comics, to stories of tense drama and the unnerving supernatural– so hopefully there is something here to suit most tastes.


Bang! Bang! BOOM! [Mature Content]

Bang! Bang! BOOM! takes place in an alternate history version of 1933 America, following the exploits of protagonists Jakub Danowicz and Cheshire Bloom: gangsters, gamblers, lovers. For years they have fought alongside each other as members of the Kozlow Gang, an Eastern European crime family settled in New York.

But it’s only after Jakub convinces Cheshire to leave town with him that their real adventure begins.


Check, Please!

Eric Bittle—former Georgia junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting his freshman year playing hockey at the prestigious Samwell University in Samwell, Massachusetts. And it’s basically nothing like co-ed club hockey back in the South. For one?

There’s checking.

It’s a story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life.


Eva Darke & the Ascending City

Venice. Jewel of the Adriatic. The city of water threatened to be consumed by the sea. Plans are set in place to rescue the historic city, to raise it from the element it once called home. However when bodies begin appearing in the canals it becomes clear that something other than water wants the city to fall.

Called in to assist with the investigation, Interpol Agent Eva Darke joins with the local police to track down the murderer and prevent any more blood being spilled into the waterways.
Only hours into the investigation the fledgling detective confirms her fears that something other than obligation has drawn her to this place…

…especially when her suppressed phobia of drowning slowly begins bubbling up to the surface.


Indigents [Mature Content]

Dakota and Kennedy are thrown together in a world ravaged by a single disease. Fast spreading and corrupting sanity, civilization was razed to the ground.

For those fortunate to have immunity, life isn’t easy. Avoiding the diseased is one thing, but without law and order those left take complete advantage of a world they can now build for themselves.

Stranded together in the ghost of the country they once knew, Dakota and Kennedy fight through whatever obstacles lay in their path, seeking peace and quiet and maybe something to eat.


Lies Within [Mature Content]

Lies Within follows the story of Lysander Farrokh, a 28-year old freeloader whose life changes drastically after getting possessed by a demon.

With the help of his best friend, Lysander learns to navigate this tumultuous world of supernatural beings and the war they’re fighting against a growing vampire threat.


Long Exposure [Mature Content]

Long Exposure is an ongoing webcomic about a nerd and a bully who are forced to work on a class project together. The story revolves around them developing super powers after an incident at a strange research center, and finding themselves followed by a mysterious car, overcoming personal challenges, and (most importantly) discovering how gay they are for each other.



Patbird & Galesaur

The day-to-day adventures of a very serious bird, a very silly dinosaur, and their adorable menagerie of pets.


Robber/Robert [Mature Content]

An alien thug tries to rob a porn store one night, but things go terribly wrong. He can’t get the register open, accidentally activates a highly-advanced sex toy, and, worst of all, totally falls for a sleepy sales clerk who’s up for LITERALLY anything.




SAKANA is a slice-of-life, romantic comedy (a sli-li-rom-com, if you will) that takes place in the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. If follows the lives of a few 20-somethings working at the market, their friends and family, and all the wacky situations they constantly find themselves in despite their best efforts. Basically they all want to date each other, but they’re all terrible at it, and also there’s lots of seafood involved.


Wilde Life

Wilde Life is a supernatural adventure/horror series set in a small town in rural Oklahoma. It focuses on stories about creatures from Native American mythology as witnessed and documented by a journalist from Chicago, Illinois.