Interlude – Print WIP

After a few obstacles came up over the weekend I was unable to get the page done without sacrificing quality, which is something I don’t want to do, so I’ve reluctantly decided to postpone the update. This means that the next official page won’t be up until not next Monday, but the Monday after (7/16).

However, I can’t leave you guys without: So here is an in-progress preview of a print that will eventually make it to our online shop, as well as future conventions (YES, we’re planning a con circuit for 2019!). I’m very excited to show color work here, for a change!

(If Gammon looks a little more naked than usual, it’s because I procrastinate on rendering his tattoos until I absolutely HAVE to.)

Thanks so much for your understanding, guys. I hope this little sneak peek can make up for the delay!


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Bonus Gammon:

2 thoughts on “Interlude – Print WIP”

    1. Daegan arrests the image. He puts it in handcuffs and takes it away, leads it out of the building, bundles it into his car, and drives away with it.

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