#1 Blood Money – 027

This page is brought to you by several hours of staring at Cadillacs on Google image search.
Oh, and imminent tragedy :’)
(That’s a ‘68 Eldorado, for anyone interested–at least, to the best of my artistic ability!)

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8 thoughts on “#1 Blood Money – 027”

    1. Thank you! I’m afraid updates will be sparse for a while, but the story will definitely continue. We’re always pleased to hear people are enjoying it.

    1. Exactly you speed? Excellent! In know things have been quiet, but we plan to get back on track very soon. Watch this space!

  1. Damn that’s a sexy car.
    I hate finding new webcomics. Never enough content out for my greedy heart. Definitely sticking around though!
    Scared to hear these rules 😭

    1. Sorry we don’t have more for you right now, but glad to hear you will be sticking around. We’ll hopefully have more for you very soon!

      And yeah those rules… you know they can’t be anything good…

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