CASE FILE #42069


Daegan Raine

Age: 30

Birth Date: 13 January

Native American

Undercover DEA agent. Assignment alias: Rowan Hayes.


African American

DEA agent. Currently assigned as handler to Agent Daegan Raine.


Adrian ‘Gammon’ King

Age: 38

Birth Date: 26 March

Persian-Arab American

Target of current investigation. Suspected to be the drug lord known as ‘The Devil of El Cruce’.

Tannis Holt

Caucasian American

Adrian King’s second in command. Bodyguard and close confidant.

Zane [?]

Caucasian American

Associate of Adrian King. Known drug dealer.

Khadija [?]

Arab American

Employee at Adrian King’s Warehouse. Falcon and informant for Adrian King’s drug-related activities. Partnered with “Rowan Hayes”.