Comic Postponed – 24 Sept 2018

Hey guys, Locke here: After hitting some unforeseen obstacles, Caroline and I have decided to postpone this week’s update.

The next page will be dropping instead next Monday, October 1st.

I’m sorry not just for the late notice, but also because I don’t have anything in place to hold you guys over for the rest of the month. That being said, as always, I promise that it will be worth the wait.

Thank you all so much for your patience! I know it’s no easy feat to wait even weekly for a story to move along. We are as impatient to show you the story as you are to see it! And we both look forward to the day where, hopefully, I can be working on B&B full-time.

Until then, please accept our (really my) apologies for the delay, and our gratitude for enjoying our story enough to stick around. Thank you <3

– Locke